In order to ensure a safe and secure environment, it is critical to know about the importance of having a 24-hour locksmith services. These services are provided on a 24-hour basis to all customers for their convenience. There are many instances where we would require the services of a 24-hour emergency locksmith who can provide a reliable and affordable locksmiths services.

Locksmith’s business is not all about the keys and lock, but it is also related to other emergency requirements depending on the client’s situation. Back then, when 24-hour locksmith is not easily accessible, people used to face a lot of difficulties. So frequently we hear of cases where people needed the services of an expert locksmith during an emergency at night or during a holiday, but to no avail.

There are cases where people may break the keys in the door locks while entering their home. Imagine if such a situation occurs in the middle of the night, how can one wait for a few hours to get inside of their home? This problem is solved by the 24-hour Lee & Li Lock Specialist that provides these services for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Another frequent case one might observe is people who accidentally lock their car doors with the keys inside. Such a situation cannot be handled alone by the person, thus he or she requires the expertise of a locksmith who is able to render their assistance in times of emergency at any time of the day for convenience.

24-hour Li & Lee Locksmith Specialist provides a variety of services like replacement of lost keys, lock picking, replacement of broken locks, emergency lock outs, and emergency trunk opening. They also offer the repair services for a wide variety of locks and other security devices. These 24-hour services are helping the people all over Singapore by solving their emergency problems in an instant. Lee & Li Locksmith Specialist is a cheap locksmiths service provider that offers the highest quality services in the most reasonable rates.


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A client will always prefer a Singapore locksmith who gives them the highest quality service

24/7 Support

We can also provide 24/7 support to assist you in the event of your lockouts.

Quality Work

We are highly meticulous in the products we offer and services we provide. With us, you are guaranteed to have nothing but high quality, from key duplicates to our lock sets. All these are provided in a fast and efficient way, too!

Best Locksmith Prices, No Surprise Costs

We are also extremely transparent with our pricing details. In fact, you may request for a quote from us on your specific service requests, no commitments!


As most locksmiths are familiar with conventional key locks, the method of opening such locks is quite easy. However, in recent years, locks have become more sophisticated. They have evolved from conventional

Lock Development One

Biometric Data and Mobile Phone Apps. Locksmiths must ensure that they are updated with the latest technological

Best Lock In The World

For digital locks, some locksmiths may not be equipped with the latest tools to unlock them. As such, they may force open the digital lock and destroy the digital lock in the process.

Locksmith Trade

Locksmith is a trade dated back many centuries ago. In the olden days, the locksmith was involved in the whole process of construction and repair of locks to the opening of locks. As we progress and are able to mass produce locks through automation, locks are manufactured in bulk and at a lower cost. The automation and mass production process of locks reduces the scope of work of the locksmith. As such, locksmiths shifted their attention to focus on the opening of locks for residential, commercial and vehicles as well as installing locks and duplicating keys.


Emergency call-out late at night: they were informative and helpful. Technician v professional and clear what needed doing/the options were. Had invoice and receipt emailed straight away and the replacement works fine.
Sheena Y.
The lock on my front door wasn't locking, I called the first number from google which was this one and the man on the phone was really nice. He said someone would be out within the hour and about half hr later I got a call, the guy was 5 minutes away. He came and said the lock was broken and fixed a new one straight away, he was very nice and friendly and would definitely use again
John S.
Very friendly locksmith that offered a full explanation, quick service and really tidy work. He explained what was wrong with my old lock and what it should be like. Offered me a few different products and even managed to match the color with the existing external pull handle. When I booked, I wasn't aware I had a high security lock fitted to the house, so I got a quote for a standard lock. Once the locksmith arrived he explained the difference and how the price would change if I opted to replace the lock with another high security lock.
Li Fan


“Locksmith Singapore” provides lock related services like lock installation, key duplication, lock opening and repair services.